Another Way To Grow Your Money

Do you ever wonder what happened to your savings that was supposed to build your emergency fund? It was that emergency, wasn’t it. The biggest problem with an emergency fund is emergencies happen all the time. It’s not what you save It’s what you keep! What if there was a way to grow your money, gain interest on it & have access to that money in the future for emergencies. There is as  a matter of fact, you can build a saving that will guarantee no loss, that will pay you tax free distributions during retirement & act as a bank if you need it to. It is called a IUL or Index Universal Life Insurance Policy.  You see insurance is not just to protect your loved ones when you die, there are other Living benefits people have no idea about.

What is a IUL? Index Universal Life?

Index is a group of companies within the stock market.  A great example of this is the S&P 500. The S&P 500 is a stock market index that measures the stock performance of 500 large companies listed on stock exchanges in the United States.

Universal is because you do not have to wait till 59 1/2 to have access to your money unlike a tax differed account such as a 401K or a 403B. Tax deferred means you don’t have to pay your taxes when you put your money in, or when it grows but when you need it the most & pull it out, that is when you get taxed on your money. Luckily the IUL is a Non-Taxed account meaning your money is only taxed when you put it into the account, not when it grows, & not when you take it out.

The Life portion if  this account protects this account creating a protection wrapper around the policy, so if you do perish your family will be delivered your life policy & the money you placed into it with interest. That is right your premium is not only given back but is gaining interest of a double digit rate of return to your family!!!!

What if the market crashes? Well this new hybrid of a policy locks into place with what is called a floor of at least 0% & as the rest of the market is loosing you are sitting on top of your nest egg & when the market picks back up the policy adds the new gain’s. Guarantee No Loss!

This is not the only way you can leverage an asset like this.

Walt Disney build the famous Disney Land is with a policy similar, with a well funded life insurance policy.  Did you know you could take a loan from a policy like this? You can. Of course you have to structure it a specific way to build cash value in it. The great thing about this kind of loan, is you are still gaining interest on your money & when you pay it back, you pay it back to yourself & gain even more interest.  This is also what the Rockefellers did to build the family legacy that still thrives today of about $11 Billion dollars. This is a way banks make money as well. Yep this is how they build wealth.

Think of the possibility you can leverage this.  What if you utilized this to climb out of debt to the back & became your own bank.  Or paid a down payment for that house you never thought you could place a down payment on? If you max fund a policy like this you might just change your legacy.

As a financial consultant I can offer product such as this to protect you, your friends, your family, or your future family.  Contact me to set up yours. It is my blessing to be able to serve this to people.

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