I am a philanthropist entrepreneur that loves to bring joy to others. I am also a mother of two smart beautiful girls, that remind me everyday why life is amazing. I truly believe kindness is the cure.

Why Positive Psychology Helps You in the Workplace

Psychology originally focused on illnesses, diseases and disorders (the disease model). Although there were enough psychologists focusing on (positive) behavior, such as Skinner, Jung and Maslow, it wasn’t until 1998 that positive psychology became a separate field of study. Martin Seligman was the first who coined the term “Positive Psychology” and is one of the …

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Finding My Road Map

Getting to financial freedom is not easy, but it is worth it! My late husband & I met about 13 years ago. From the moment we met he insisted we were soulmates. That idea scared the crap out of me at that time because I had already been through a divorce & was a single …

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