Change Your Paradigm to Be Successful

For most my life I could not understand why I would not do what is needed to do throughout life. For example, when I owned my first business, I tried to do everything myself & I should have hired an accountant or a lawyer, or even an assistant.  When I did try to hire someone, I hired out of panic & lost a lot of money but learned a lot.  This was all reaction out of waiting to long to hire. The funny part is I new I needed to hire someone within the first month of business, it was tough over & over from my mentors. About 8 years ago I realized I was not completing actions I had every intention on completing but just never got to it.  This was very frustrating for me at the time feeling as though I should do this all myself, ripping apart my self-esteem. You see, I would think I should be able to get everything done in an organized efficient order & if I couldn’t keep up, I was a failure. I had been told my entire life I was a failure, from teachers as I grew up to family that claimed they loved me.  So, this was already embedded in my head from a young child.

About 8 years ago I really started working on my self-image because I was in a deep depression. I spent a lot of my life depressed due to lack of confidence. As I read more & more books, I learned about my Paradigm through Bob Proctor. I found out I was not acting out through my wants & desire, but through my subconscious. Your subconscious is the part of the mind of which one is not fully aware, but which influences one’s actions and feelings.

I learned you have a subconscious mind & a conscious mind aware of and responding to one’s surroundings. Your subconscious mind is developed when you born to the time you are about 7 years old. It absorbs all the information from around you. When your parents were cooing & awing & giving you love to when they were arguing or just talking around you, you were absorbing that information. Unfortunately, a lot of children as I was growing up & still today are absorbing harmful information that will shape their future. I was told several times that my opinion didn’t matter, I was not smart enough, that something was to hard so don’t try. Sound’s familiar? Your reactions are carried out through your subconscious.  The great news is we can fix this. 

How to change your subconscious mind is by auto suggestion, affirmations in the morning when you get up & at night before you go to sleep, & hypnosis. Affirmations are I Am statements, I Am Amazing, I Am Rich, I Am Successful & so on. If you make these, I am statements looking in the mirror to yourself, you change your subconscious throughout time & repetition. They say it takes 28 days to change a habit.   Hypnosis is as simple as finding a YouTube video & listening to it as you sleep or meditate on a multitude of subjects from self-confidence to attracting money.   I personally like listening to an 8 hour I Am affirmations with Rising Higher Meditation. Try each one & see what works best for you.  If you have a habit you want to break or an action you know you need to take but for some reason can not bring your self to take that action, stop beating yourself up & try to change your paradigm, see your life change in ways you never thought you could.  As a final push to get to were you want to go make sure you take the time to imagine your success or the action you want to take & add the emotion you feel when you reach your goal, this combination will slingshot your goal into realty. Do this often & you will live the life of your dreams.

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