How I Heal My Soul

Coming from the city of angels I believe I was always drawn to the ocean. My family moved from California when I was 8 years old & no matter how far we moved I could always tell you what way is west.  I love everything about the ocean & feel as though its air heals my soul. I was blessed enough to go back to California recently.  It has been many years but when I placed my feet in the water allowing the waves to consume my feet with healing energy. My daughter Skye said she had never seen me so happy. She was right. I was right where I was meant to be. I remember wanting to jump in the ocean so bad because I felt like it could heal anything however; I’m really scared of getting eaten by a big fish. I know, fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. After moving so many times I have always craved the smell, the sound, the feel of the ocean.  I have heard from several sources & have witnessed myself that you are most in that meditative state of mind when you are falling asleep & waking up. That is what the ocean seems to do to me. When I placed my feet in the ocean for the first time in over 2 in half decades, my soul healed & I knew it. I can’t wait to buy a house on or close to that same beach.  For now I will visit as often as possible. Do you have a place you crave that gives you that peace? Leave a comment below of your healing place. There is always a way to freedom, you just have to put it in the plan & follow those steps. Yes life happens & things will change, that is why it is so important to take care of yourself. You cannot take care of anyone if you’re not taking care of yourself. You are also amazing & deserve peace of mind.

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