Finding My Road Map

Getting to financial freedom is not easy, but it is worth it! My late husband & I met about 13 years ago. From the moment we met he insisted we were soulmates. That idea scared the crap out of me at that time because I had already been through a divorce & was a single mother of Skye by 25 years old. I was just going back to school & getting back on my feet & some cute drummer of a band comes walking into my life.  As we grew closer he became severely sick, I noticed on our first date he got sick in the bathroom because his best friend’s mother just passed away. Sometimes he would come over to my apartment & not be able to stop throwing up or the cramping & pain in his intestines or stomach area would get so bad I would take him to the hospital. He did not purpose to me for at least 3 years & we did not get married until we had been together for at least 5 years. That was my idea however; he made me stick to it. We were married at Green Mountain Falls Gazebo on the lake, just as I had imagined when he took me on a hiking trip in Green Mountain Falls & we drove past that gorgeous gazebo on the lake. My daughter was the princess of our wedding. That night we celebrated with friends & family at the old train station & off to The Embassy Suites that our amazing wedding planner paid for. That night I took my late husband to the emergency room at 2 am on our honeymoon night & stayed at Penrose North for the entire week.  I remember feeling selfish for wishing I got a true honeymoon but everything happens for us, not to us.  From 2011 on we were in & out of the hospitals with specialists such as Gastroenterologist that could not figure out what was happening. He had CT Scans, Endoscopies, Colonoscopies; He was even drawn & corded when I rushed him to the Emergency room for surgery because they saw his intestine have an intussusception (A condition which part of the intestine telescopes itself). We rushed him in emergency surgery & the surgeon came out several hours later apologizing he saw it on film but could not find where it was, so they put all of his intestines back in his body & sewed him up. Shortly after he healed another doctor tried taking out his gallbladder. That was not it either.  Throughout the years this has torn my ex-husband’s self-esteem apart. He was fired by several jobs due to his illness & we fell further & further behind on bills.  We both decided to go full force into business for ourselves.  We opened Barn Doors Etcetera the interior sliding barn door custom made to your idea.  It turned out we have just owned our own job & couldn’t afford to pay ourselves for over two years.  I had also tried to take off my financial business & had to take a step back to get back on our feet. This is what woke us up. We cannot depend on anyone else but us.  Well we thought.  Reading Robert Kiyosaki & many other mentors books have taught us financial education really opened our eyes that is why we did not have to live like this forever. Financial Education can free our world of depending on others to give us a paycheck.  Rule of thumb & what I learned. Always build your business part time while you work a day job or have support to cover all expenses & emotions. I hear a lot of people complain no one taught them.  Well know you can get ahold of this information through books & internet, it just takes time to learn through trial & error.

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