Who You are & Who You Were Meant to Be!

We are all subjects of our subconscious mind.  Meaning your thought process is actually a result from what you have been taught as a child & why you still scold yourself as a child. Bob Proctor explains it best & even draws you this amazing picture so you can absolutely understand your paradigm.  Understanding your paradigm is important so you can grow to be the best you, you can be.  I believe we all want to be the best version of ourselves.

Why is it they you are not where you want to be in life? We were just not taught how to create the results. Another mentor of mine is Jim Kwick. Jim Kwick teaches you how to learn, remember information, & how to feed your brain properly. Did you know that it’s not that you can’t remember all that stuff you keep forgetting because no one taught us how to remember in school?  Yep, you can still learn how. Were you aware that most people remember more through emotion than through listening & reading?  I did not learn how to read or write until 4th grade & tore myself apart for something that I had no control over. For many years I had talked myself into believing that I was what other people said I was & not the kind, loving person I truly am.  We all allow others opinions to affect us, when you are so much greater than you could imagine.  Luckley we are able to build ourselves to be better today that we were yesterday & better tomorrow than we are today. Learning & growing never has an end & the sooner you understand that, the better.  There is no end in success; it’s a journey that never ends.  We should always be growing if we allow ourselves to. The road map to this is by listening to motivational speakers, learn to love & respect yourself & those around you.

While growing yourself one of the steps is accepting & loving you for you because if you can’t love yourself, no one else can! Love is an action, not just a word.  Love is self-control & grace but with the upmost respect. This is where you can change your paradigm. If you listen to meditation affirmations as you fall asleep, during sleep, & while you wake up you could hypnotize yourself to do what you truly want to do in life.  You have to change your aspect to always learn, grow & be ok with the process.     A mentor of mine Mark Onstott once said to me bravery is not, not being scared! It is still moving forward even though you are scared. It’s amazing on how such a little conception can change another person’s paradigm.

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