My Wakeup Call

15 years old & angry at the world, out visiting my sister Cass’s boyfriend about a mile outside of town. Our good friend Tiffany drove us & we lost track of time.  In a panic Tiffany & I ran to her car.  It was a fancy ford with neon green lights on the dashboard that lit up only while the car was on.  My sister was busy saying goodbye to her boyfriend at the time as we were trying to leave. When Cass got in the car we took off. I remembered that they just graveled this road & looked at the speedometer. 98 MPR it read & before I could even say, slow down we had lost control. To give you a perspective the car was sliding strait for pole that would have probably killed me instantly, but instead Tiffany looked at me & said “You are not going to die”.  She then pulled the steering wheel to the left as hard as she could & we rolled. I don’t remember bouncing around but I woke up sitting on the ceiling in the back seat. I was originally in the passenger’s seat with no seatbelt on. Tiffany climbed out the window on the driver’s side & Cass used her shoulder to muscle open the door. Cass placed out her hand & said “it’s time to get out of the car”. I sat there staring at her telling Cass “I’m gonna puke!” She was finally able get me out of the car & walked me probably about a half mile until her boyfriend drive-up in his Camaro. I did not what to get back in a car.  As the ambulance crew showed I recognized the science teacher for Tama High & tried to make it very clear I was going to go home & smoke a cigarette & go to bed, as they were placing me easily on the stretcher & getting me in the ambulance. When I arrived at the emergency room they were asking what my favorite color was, it turns out they gave me royal blue stitches right next to my right eye. I ended up in the hospital for about two weeks with a major concoction.  It was so severe that I could not leave until I could bathe myself, Thanks Mom! I got plenty of time to think in that hospital & I realized, I did not want to die being such an asshole. My entire life I was angry because we constantly moved I went to 14 different schools growing up to give you an idea. I genially cared for everyone from a small child & as I grew older the nicer I was the more vicious people became mostly adults. I created a callus so thick that I would say most hurtful things to people & do some pretty jack ass actions to others. I cussed I fought, yep fist fights. I was what all my friends parents, well most of them would call, the bad kid in town.  It’s funny because most the time it was their kid leading the shenanigans. You see Tiffany flipped the car on purpose to save my life. That was the first time I realized I had so much more to do. I know an angel was protecting me for god. I just didn’t realize that my destiny is to save this world with kindness. I can’t tell Tiffany enough: Thank you for not only saving my life but my soul. I just recently made it a point to reach out to her & say thank you. She said that she felt horrible because she almost killed me all those years ago.  I told her thank you for saving me. I pray today she knows what an impact she personally made in my life & helped me wake up to who I am meant to be.

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