Stop Making a Budget. The Simple Online Banking App Will Do it For You

Making a budget — and sticking to it — isn’t easy.

Bills fluctuate, random one-time surprises come up, and your fun spending can vary from a $3 ice cream cone to “accidentally” buying everything in your online cart.

Maybe you’ve already tried a handful of apps that connect to your bank account, promising to help craft a budget and keep you on track. But after two months, you end up deleting them, feeling more confused than financially savvy.

So why are we going through the hassle of downloading more apps, creating more passwords and losing control of our spending anyway? There’s a banking app that can handle your budgeting and saving for you — it literally could not be more simple. That’s why it’s called Simple Finance.

How Much Can You Spend on Takeout This Weekend? This App Will Tell you

Instead of navigating multiple apps to stay on top of your budgeting and saving, the Simple app will become your own personal financial assistant.

Its Safe-to-Spend feature will keep track of your spending, bills (even ones that haven’t been paid yet!) and goals, then show how much money you can drop on delivery tonight. Deciding between a few $1 slices or a sushi boat just got way easier.

Simple also helps you mindlessly save for bigger things, like that 2022 trip to Iceland to see the Northern Lights. Or, you know, maybe an Instant Pot for your tiny kitchen.

Whatever it is you want, just set up a date by which to reach your goal, and Simple will stash money away for you, little by little.

Do you need an easier way to figure out your budget and actually save up for the things you want? It takes just a few minutes to apply for an online Simple account.

Kari Faber (is a staff writer at The Penny Hoarder. She’s saving up for a pair of candy-colored roller skates.

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