Take Care Of You!

When I say take care of you, I truly mean take care of yourself. Treat yourself with respect & know that you truly are amazing. So many of us tear ourselves apart, for buying ourselves something nice, like a massage. Or maybe give ourselves time to meditate. I love to get my hair done however I have not taken the time to take care of it the way I would have liked for more than a few years now. I have felt guilty for years getting my hair dyed, cut, washed, or even a simple eyebrows waxed. I use to love getting my nails done but I stopped when I started to worry too much about what everyone else thought. It’s time we stop not taking care of ourselves because we are too busy taking care of someone else or you have a lack mindset because you grew up in a house with a lack mindset. You see we all went to school to learn how to be really good employee’s to make a living but no one was taught how to make that money work for you, so you don’t have to work forever. Yes it truly is possible but does no good if you are not joyful & do not plan on helping others along the way. When you give joy to someone else you get joy & I believe that Kindness is the cure of life. They say happiness cures disease. I believe that as well. If we could spread our joy to each other & show each other how we can really help this world. Yep I believe Kindness is the cure & that includes to yourself. Give yourself a break. A hot bath, a glass of wine, give you your quiet time as well. The more you love you, the more you can love those around you.

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