The journey of loving yourself

Just a little something that I wrote that represented what I am personally going through 💕

The journey of loving yourself is just that-a journey. Most think of it as a straight path, with maybe some curves or obstacles in the way that can be overcome with hard work and dedication. This is not accurate on my end, as my path was less straight and more… loopy. Imagine a very long string, that loops back and around, over and under itself. It has a starting point and an end, but so much more. We don’t know where the rest of the string falls until we reach that point, so all you can do is keep moving. It’s not a straight progression, sometimes the path loops even further back than where you started, and sometimes you just keep hitting the same intersection and can’t seem to escape it. Even if you see the end, don’t try to force yourself to it. You’ll only get caught in the briars and come out worse on the other end. Trust the path. All you have to know is that the journey does lead to an end, and it can be reached by simply moving forward. You can love yourself bit by bit, even if you change nothing about yourself. The journey is long and slow, but you’ll get there 💚

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