The Painting

I see a woman standing strong on top of the world, giving all her problems to the universe. This painting captured my attention the moment I laid eyes on her. My good friend Lysander Ramero in Denver painted it. This paining has helped me build & strengthen myself personally with the vision I get when I see this painting. Many people will agree life is all a lesson for us to be a better version of ourselves tomorrow, as we are today. & even better version of ourselves the next day. Every day we learn & grow from our experiences. That is how we are built.  Failure is NOT A BAD! IT IS A Learning Experience Start paying attention Start paying attention to what you learned from this Experience. When you touch a hot pan & burn yourself, do you try to pick it up the same way? Or do you put on a potholder before you it again? You probably grabbed the potholder. We all learn quickly if we realize to slow down & learn. I can’t tell you how many people complain about lack but yet, they do want to put in the learning grit to get there. Stop getting so angry at yourself for not getting it right the first time, you will get it the more you practice.  A wise man once told me Bravery is Not, Not Being Scared. It Is Moving Forward Anyways (Mark Onstott). I have learned even if you move forward just a little; that is OK too. If you don’t take care of yourself then you won’t be able to take care of other. You Matter Too! It is never too late to learn. What do you see in this painting? Can you see yourself as I did? Leave a comment below of what you see.

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