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 My family moved around a lot as a child. Nope, I was not military. My mom was like a gypsy, no disrespect intended. Going to 14 different schools it was hard for me to keep up academically. Originally born in The City of Angel’s I started my learning experience at a preschool on a native tribe reservation. I specifically remember being aloud to roam freely as we were told stories to teach us morals & why we & everything in this world was important. Unfortunately the State of California did not find it appropriate for a non native child to attend school on a reservation. Public school was very different. All the children were expected to sit down quietly & do your work.  I remember coloring A Lot. My family moved to Colorado after a few years & that is when my teachers discovered I Couldn’t Read. I didn’t even know how to write my own name. It took me a very long time to put a story together & discouraged me early from reading. I was the girl in school constantly asking why to understand why everything worked. My favorite school was Jr High at the Cherry Creek Schools in Aurora. They were huge on teaching all of us hands on & opened my mind to bigger visions for the future. When I turned 13 we moved to Iowa for about 4 years & came running back to Colorado because we missed our Mountains.

I look at this experience as a blessing, I would have never became who I am today. Without meeting so many people & experiencing so many learning lessons.

I am a firm believer in failing forward. When you learn how to walk as a child you fall several times before you succeed to walk steady across a room.  I use to work for Farmers Insurance as an office manager a few years back. I thought I was a successful, I helped my boss double his office during the time I worked for him.  I had never been written up, I was left to run the office for weeks at a time. One late afternoon my boss the owner came walking into the office with his accountant. “You can not afford your only licensed producer & your brand new corvette” his accountant stated. I was fired a week later.

I went to work for an elementary school for about a year to heal . I had never been truly fired before & that was a hard blow for me. After a year of getting to make little heart shine, I was introduced to WFG World Financial Group. I came into this company & realized these people are not only about building a successful business, but also about helping others getting to true financial freedom & understand how so they can help their loved ones as well. This all came with a proven system they provide to me in writing. How Amazing, WFG handed me there system without having to spend thousands to get there.

I was so ecstatic when I realized what this can do for our world. Because of WFG I paid my rent for a year & I can focus on building my business on a full time basis. I can not express to you how amazing the feeling is know I am no longer living paycheck to paycheck. If you are ready to be recognized for your true talent is click on the contact  tab reach out to me & start building your freedom legacy today.

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