True Financial Freedom

What is true financial freedom to you? In my eye’s it is wealth with time to do what you choose when you choose. I would love time with my family while passive income flows to us through multiple source of income from all over the world. I got this idea from Bob Proctor; he does an amazing presentation on your mind & other wealth building tools. I’m impressed with how simple financial education truly is & amazed on how many closed minded people that are not willing to even try to learn. So first rule YOU DO NOT GET RICH OVER NIGHT! You do get rich by collecting multiple sources of income all over the world.  Why is it that if your parent or people who raised you did not teach you this information; why do so many people quickly discrediting whatever information they are hearing? Is ignorance in your situation that you complain about every day the way you truly enjoy living or are you truly ready to move up in life? I love to become better today than I was yesterday & I will be better tomorrow than I was today. I heard that from Ed Mylett, another great mentor of mine.  No matter you situation today is, there will always be a solution. You have to be willing to put in the time to study & learn as you go.  It is completely ok not to be perfect at your goals right away. Only practice makes perfect so keep picking yourself up whipping yourself off & let’s keep going. I was told Bravery is not, not being scared; it is continuing to move forward through your fears anyways. Mark Onstott told me that while we had an intriguing discussion in his office. I was blessed enough to be trained by Mark at an amazing company that is out to save retirement & financially educate the world. I do free financial road maps for family’s & truly help them & then get compensated by each company; we get to work with about 85% of the financial industry. It is nice to work with the people you love.


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