Where Should You Start?

Why Budgeting or shall I say tracking where you place your money is so important? If every month you create a habit of creating a list of what you spend your money on, you will start to control what is important to you. Some people love to buy cloths, others love to go out to eat, & some even collect multiple sources of income all over the world. Cigarette Smokers for instance, would it impact you to know that 1 pack a day at $5.00 a day for a year is $1,825 & you can own a stock that pays you dividends for the rest of that companies life for as little as $135 a share that pays you dividends from that company. I bet if you started collecting those stocks today you might get a little further financially then you could ever imagine.  If you have a hard time creating a template you can google one online or even go to The Every Dollar App & download it on your phone. I’m sure there are other ways as well. I learned this while taking the Financial Peace University classes at church. It was a very eye opening experience when I realized where my money was going & started to notice some really unhealthy habits I could start to correct. I always recommend not connecting the Everydollar app to your banking or credit card accounts because it is not up to the minute or even the day that it truly shows on your bank ledger, so best if you just add the transactions as you go. Kind of like a check book ledger but cooler because you can modify it to your personal life.  As I learned to create a habit of writing down what I’m spending all my money on I ran in to this awesome game called The Rat Race. It is a great game to show you how to get to financial freedom. I love playing this game.  It has thought me how to obtain wealth that will pay me. I hear a lot of complaining about how different people can’t afford to do something or buy something & criticize another that has learned how to be financially free for being rich.  It’s as bad as when you go to church & you hear the people there criticize their “brothers & sisters” around them. STOP JUDGING & START LEARNING, we are trying to show you the way. When you start tracking your money you will notice where your money is really going & how you can shift it to your needs. It truly is a tool you can utilize to change you & your families legacy.

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