I believe that life is designed to support us. So when you set the intention to heal and transform, you can ask life for guidance. I usually do that through a prayer like this written in my journal : “Even though I don’t know what to do next, I am willing to be shown how to heal”.

About 12 years ago I awoke to the pain that I didn’t know my true self. I didn’t know where to begin to get to know myself. Life showed me and amongst many things I was guided to the book – ‘Love – A Guide To Advancing Your Soul’ by Elizabeth Villani.

All the way back in 2016 I invited Liz onto my podcast. Her book opened up a whole new world to me and the teachings have become fundamental to much of what I teach now.

In this podcast Liz and I address the question, “Who am I & what am I here for?”

That is perhaps the biggest, most complicated question on the planet. The last question one would consider approaching in a 30 minute interview. And yet, when you believe what Liz & I do, it’s actually THE most simple and exciting question.

Please listen to discover who you REALLY are and why you are REALLY here:


I coach women who are co-dependent or people pleasers how to heal that pattern of behavior and become the woman they are meant to be in the world. During a group coaching session earlier this week with some clients who are working through our online course, ‘Love Yourself Free From People Pleasing’, one of the biggest shared desires amongst them was to know who they are (post kids, post divorce, post career etc etc).

If you have a sense that you don’t know yourself, you are not alone. Perhaps this podcast is life supporting you to begin that special journey!?

Katie x

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