You Can Still Learn How!


In my opinion, if you’re not learning, you’re dying! Just recently getting a day job I started to make some real heartbreaking realization. It still amazes me on how closed minded some people are & think they know everything. It almost breaks my heart because the more you learn the more you become a better version of you.

When you stretch your rubber band you are supposed to be learning according to more than a few mentors I know. I have even learned by example several times.  If you ever get the chance read the book Failing Forward by John C. Maxwell it will remind you why it is ok to fail & learn. I am a firm believer that we are all going to have issues in life, but it is how you are going to handle these issues, is what matters. You can learn from it or you can use it as your excuse. We all get scared of the unknown but hasn’t life always worked out for the best even if we didn’t understand why we were going through something so hard. When you physically feel uncomfortable that is the moment when you are supposed to be paying attention. Start forgiving yourselves for the past & start taking steps to change what didn’t work. Maybe try to think of a solution.

Remember you cannot change the past but you can learn from it & change your behavior to what truly brings you joy. You know that glow you get in your chest, that sensation of your heart shining, like a star. That is joy. Have you ever smiled at someone & felt that shine in your chest when they smile back? That shine is contagious & spreads to that person you smiled at. Sometimes when I smile at someone, I see them do something nice for another person close buy. It’s really cool to see it go all the way down a block. That is what brings me joy, spreading it.

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